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How will the increase in dues be factored into the 2023 budget?

Delivery demands increased by reserved practice that came into effect in September 2022 require significant resources from both volunteers’ and staff’s workloads and financial perspectives.

The College has identified that it will need to increase capacity by two full-time equivalencies (FTEs) in 2023 and possibly an additional two FTEs in 2024. These increases in resources will allow the organization to manage workloads at a reasonable level, support existing and future committees and Task Forces, and increase professional supports as mandated by the PGA for registrants such as practice guidance, continuing professional development and policy directives.

The 2023 budget will be finalized and posted in early 2023.

NB: To the College’s knowledge, all regulatory bodies under the PGA have increased staffing levels over the past two years to fulfill their obligations.

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