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How are complaints dealt with?

All complaints about registrants are reviewed. Many can be resolved at the investigation stage and others may ultimately be sent to a Discipline Panel. The Investigation Committee, the body charged with reviewing complaints, consists of registrants of the College and members of the public. The Committee reviews and discusses all material submitted about the complaint.

What happens when the College receives your complaint submission?

  1. You will receive an acknowledgement (mail or electronic) regarding your complaint.
  2. Your complaint will be reviewed by the Registrar to determine if the subject registrant is/was a registrant with the College during the time of the alleged infraction.
  3. If the subject of the complaint was a registrant with the College at the time of the alleged infraction, the complaint will be forwarded to the Investigation Committee within 30 business days.
  4. You may be contacted if further information is required by the Discipline Committee. (Note: Ensuring that all information is available to the Discipline Committee can take time as this may involve submissions from both parties and sometimes a separate investigation).

Depending on the findings of Investigation Committee, the following outcomes are possible:

  • Dismissal of the complaint
  • Dismissal of the complaint with a letter of advice
  • Reach a Conditional Admission with the subject registrant
  • Issue a Citation to the subject registrant, convene a Discipline Panel and proceed to a Discipline Hearing (Note: At this time, the subject registrant’s name and nature of the alleged infraction will be published on Discipline Digest page of the College website)

At any point in the Investigations process, the subject registrant may agree to an alternative complaints resolution (ACR) prescribed by the registrar, Investigation Committee or Discipline Committee as applicable.

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