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IMPORTANT: Prior to contacting College Staff with questions regarding your application or questions please do the following:

1. Read the Credentialing Standard

2. Consider watching the application tutorials below

3. Self-assess your eligibility

4. Prepare for Mandatory Training

Tutorial Videos

The tutorial videos are specific to each registrant and associated in training category and provide:

  • Tips on how an applicant can have a good application;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions from applicants;
  • A demonstration of how to fill out the online application for the registrant category you wish to apply for; and
  • General information on the College and registrants’ requirements.

Once you are ready to apply you can navigate to the Apply to Register page.

Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) application tutorial

Registered Biology Technologist (RBTech) application tutorial

Applied Biology Technician (ABT) application tutorial

Applied Biology — Limited Licensee (AB-LL) application tutorial

Additional Resources

The College of Applied Biology regulates applied biology professionals (registrants) working in and with the natural resource sectors under the Professional Governance Act, Applied Biologists Regulation and College Bylaws.

Self-regulation requires the establishment of an organization, governed by elected registrants and supported by a professional staff complement, who set standards for entrance into the profession and for the conduct of registrants and their practice.

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