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Mutual Recognition Agreement with Society of Biology

The College is pleased to announce that a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) has been achieved with the Society of Biology (UK).  In short, this agreement provides College members in the Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) category the ability to become registered as a Chartered Biologist (CBiol) with the Society on the strength of their College registration and vice versa. 

The practice of applied biology as defined in the College of Applied Biology Act is:

applied biological science” means a biological science, including botany, zoology, ecology, biochemistry and microbiology, if the biological science is applied to the management, use, conservation, protection, restoration, or enhancement of

(a) aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems, or
(b) biological resources within these ecosystems;

applied biology” means the application of the applied biological sciences, including collecting or analyzing inventories or other data or carrying out of research or assessments, to design, evaluate, advise on, direct or otherwise provide professional or technical support to projects, works, undertakings or field practices on public or private lands, but does not include

(a) pure scientific research, or
(b) teaching;

For application forms go to Society of Biology page.

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