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If you earned your degree, diploma, certificate outside of Canada or the United States of America


  • Internationally trained applicants must provide the following in English or have it translated into English:
    • A Credential Assessment (course by course) from a recognized credentialing service such as WESICES or IQAS;
    • Course descriptions;
    • Work experience, professional work products  (e.g., report, brochure, poster, presentation); and
    • Reference(s)

Resources: If you are interested in a designation with the College and are not sure if you meet the requirements the following resources will provide further information

*Note: Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy Thesis and Dissertation, publications can be submitted as a professional work product to meet this requirement for the Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio), Registered Biology Technologist (RBTech) and Applied Biologist – Limit Licensee (AB-LL.) as long as they meet the professional work product criteria in the Credentialing Standard.

The College requires a credential evaluation, course descriptions for the following reason:

  • A course by course Credential Assessment documents (that includes official transcripts) from recognized credentialing service such as WESICES or IQAS is required to confirm that your degree/diploma and associated courses are accepted as an international credential(s);
  • Course descriptions in English are required so that during the academic assessment the courses, titles, etc. and institutions grading scale and other information can be used to evaluate that the courses you have/will submit meet the College’s academic/education requirements for the category you are applying for.

Academic requirements: All non-stream 1 applicants including those trained/educated in Canada or the US are required to provide course descriptions so the College can assess that the courses taken and submitted in their application meet the College’s academic/education requirements for the category they have applied for.

Work experience & Professional Work Product requirements: Registration applications where work experience (ABT, AB-LL., RBTech & RPBio.) and professional work products  (RBTech, AB-LL. & RPBio.) are submitted as part of the application are required so the College can assess if the application meets the College’s work experience and professional work product requirements for the category applied for. These requirements apply to all applicants including those trained/educated in Canada or the US.

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