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How to use the College’s registrant portal

The College uses the registrant portal as a secure file server for sharing documents and materials related to committee and task force work.

  • Members of committees and other working bodies are given access certain file structures and are able to view and download and files which are placed in folders to which they have access
  • Volunteers can be assigned materials individually or as part of a group, keeping information private and secure by ensuring that volunteers only have access to documents which have been assigned to them

Using the portal to review materials

If you are a volunteer on Council, a committee or other working body, you will use the registrant portal to access files. Use the following steps to view and download materials which have been assign to you, clicking the links in the directions to see visual instructions for each step:

  1. Log into the registrant portal
  2. Scroll down to the Files pane and click View Files
  3. Review the file directories which are available to you and select the folder group or specific folder which you want to access
  4. Click any file to view it in your browser
  5. To download the file to your computer, open the file and then click the download button
  6. If you have difficulty accessing the files as a volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact the College Office.

The Portal

Since 2020, the College has been operating with a new, custom-designed web portal to operate applications and registrations. Applicants have been able to complete all the required steps for registration including references through the portal. The portal has many benefits to the application process: it is fair and transparent, provides increased effectiveness and delivers efficiencies, all which support protecting the public interest.

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