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Yes. The Professional Governance Act prescribes that the governing Board of regulatory bodies shall have four public representatives (Lay Board members) appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council through the Crown Agency and Board Resourcing Office. Public representatives are also required for Committees and are appointed by the Board.

The College makes sure that a registrant practicing applied biology in British Columbia has the necessary knowledge and skills. No one can call themselves a Professional Biologist or a Registered Biology Technologist without registration in the College. In addition, anyone carrying out work that is defined in the reserved practice section of the Applied Biologists Regulation must be registered with the College as a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio), Registered Biology Technologist (RBTech) or Applied Biologist-Limited Licensee (AB-LL). The College addresses the behaviour, skills and knowledge of registrants through a complaint driven process and through random practice audits.

If you believe a registrant of the College — or a registrant of any other regulator under the Professional Governance Act — has contravened the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, you should submit a complaint to the College by completing and submitting the complaint form.  

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