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The Audit and Practice Review Programs are not disciplinary in nature, they are professional development and education tools. The intent is to protect the public interest and provide registrants opportunities to develop and learn as professionals, make improvements to their practice and resolve identified deficiency(ies), if required.

Participation in audits and practice reviews is mandatory for registrants under the Professional Governance Act and Bylaws.

Eligible registrants are randomly selected for audit each year. The audit process includes review of recent continuing professional development (CPD) activities and responses to standard questions about professional practice. Selected registrants are assigned to either a Level I (shorter) or Level II (longer) audit.

Audit Program

The Audit Program is a professional development tool designed to assess registrants’ compliance with legal requirements and identify actions that can be taken to resolve and mitigate any deficiency(ies) identified their practice. The Audit Program aids the College in fulfilling its mandate to protect the public interest by ensuring registrants maintain professional competency(ies), competence and compliance with professional standards and requirements.

Practice Review Program

The Practice Review Program is a corrective quality assurance process designed to assess and identify actions that registrants must take to rectify identified deficiencies in their practice as applied biology professionals. A practice review is initiated by referral from an audit, if there is no straightforward or obvious remedial action to address a deficiency that was identified during an audit, or referral of a complaint by the Registrar.  The scope of a practice review is based on the identified deficiency in the registrant’s practice.

Questions regarding the College’s Audit or Practice Review Program can be directed to the Director of Practice at

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