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Application Timeline

The average timeline to process an individual application from submitted to registered is 8 – 10 weeks.

Payment of Fees

There are several fees that are required to be paid for your application to be processed and to become registered with the College.

Fees include:

  • An Application Fee*
  • A Mandatory Training (Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and  Indigenous Awareness courses) Fee*
  • A Registration Fee (annual dues)
  • A Seal Fee, if applicable (i.e., Registered Biology Technologist (RBTech), Professional Registered Biologist (RPBio).

*Fees may vary depending upon the applied biology professional category and Mandatory Training requirement(s). See Schedule 2 of the College Bylaws for details regarding application and annual due fees.


Refunds are not provided to applicants if they are declined registration to the College.

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