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The College’s Act

On February 5, 2021 the College of Applied Biology Act was repealed and the Professional Governance Act was activated. Click here to read the Professional Governance Act.

College Bylaws

The Professional Governance Act stipulates that regulatory bodies must create bylaws to govern their organizations. These bylaws must be approved by Council and government. Click here to read the College of Applied Biologists bylaws.

Schedule 1 of the bylaws is The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. This can viewed as a separate document by going to Code of Ethics.

 The Professional Governance Act (2018) provides the mandate and the legal structure that creates the College and provides for the creation of applied biology as a self-governing profession in British Columbia. In addition, the College has put in place the bylaws and Policies that provide organizational structure. 

College Policies and Standards

Policy documents explain how the bylaws of the College are generally going to be applied.  Policies assist decision makers ensuring a consistency of approach when applying bylaws and explain to members how bylaws may be implemented. The College has also written Standards documents that provide more context on practice-related bylaws. 

View the listing of Policies and Standards here.  

Legislative Information and Background

Between 2017-2020, the College worked with the provincial government through the Professional Reliance Review in 2017, development of the Professional Governance Act in 2018 and putting in place the regulations, bylaws, policies and standards through 2020 to improve professional regulation to better protect the public interest of all British Columbians. 

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