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2022-2024 Strategic Plan: Upholding and Protecting the Public Interest

The College of Applied Biologists is a professional regulator that is committed to acting in the best interest of the public by ensuring that all registrants meet and maintain the highest level of ethical standards of professional competency and conduct.

Vision, Mission and Values


Responsible resource management supported by accountable and trusted professionals.


To serve the public interest by regulating applied biology professionals.



We build relationships with others to protect the public interest.


We are responsive and open in our relationships with the public, employers, and College registrants.


We value Indigenous knowledge in the management and protection of natural resources.


We follow the principles of administrative justice and take a fair, transparent and judicious approach to the application of College processes.


  1. Goal 1: Implement Reserved Practice
  2. Goal 2: Promote Professional Excellence
  3. Goal 3: Enhance Trust, Accountability, and Awareness
  4. Goal 4: Strengthen Relationships
  5. Goal 5: Foster a Healthy and Respectful Organization
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