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The Linda Michaluk Scholarship (LMS) is a scholarship of $2,500 established to honour the contributions to the College of Applied Biologists by the founding Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director). The College of Applied Biologists is the regulatory body for applied biology professionals working with natural resources in British Columbia. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a Master or Doctor of Philosophy degree candidate at a Canadian university whose project advances science-informed decisions/decision making in the public interest with respect to natural resources in Canada. Advancing science-informed decisions/decision-making includes supporting the development of legislation (Acts), regulations or policies that affect the practice(s) of natural resource management in Canada.

The scholarship will be awarded to an individual whose project aligns with the scholarship’s purpose.


Scholarship Amount: $2500.00


  1. Enrolled in a full-time Master or Doctor of Philosophy degree program of study at a Canadian university;
  2. Conducting graduate work in Canada:
    • that relates to aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems or the living organisms, habitats or processes of those ecosystems in one of the five biological sciences:
      • Botany;
      • Microbiology;
      • Zoology;
      • Ecology;
      • Biochemistry.


  • Whose project advances science-informed decisions/decision-making in the public interest with regards to natural resources;


  1. Proof that you are enrolled in a graduate (Masters) or post-graduate (Doctor of Philosophy) program
  2. Submission of a completed College LMS Form
  3. Three references from people who:
    • are knowledgeable of you and your graduate work; and
    • are able to speak to how your graduate work and thesis align with the purpose of the Linda Michaluk Scholarship; and
    • One of the reference letters must be from the applicant’s major supervisor


  • Submit your completed LMS form
  • Provide your proof of enrollment in a graduate program via email to the College’s Regulatory Officer (
  • Have your references provide their reference letter directly to the College via email in pdf format to the College’s Regulatory Officer (

All applications must be received in full (LMS Form, Reference Letters and proof of enrollment in a graduate program in Canada) by Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Email to the College’s Regulatory Officer (

Award Notification

Scholarship recipient will be announced in December 2022.


Questions regarding the scholarship can be addressed to the College’s Director of Practice at


The College awarded its first scholarship in 2016:  

  • 2016 – The recipient, Solomon Amoateng, a PhD student of Law from the University of Alberta, was awarded the scholarship for his dissertation “Legal Aspects of Participatory Governance in Natural Resource Extraction and Management: A Comparative Study on Canada, Ghana and South Africa”.
  • 2017 – The recipient, Laramie Ferguson, an MSc candidate of Resource and Environmental Management(Planning) from Simon Fraser University, was awarded the scholarship for her thesis “Indicating Impacts to Wildlife in Environmental Assessment (EA)”. 
  • 2018 – The recipient, Emily Sunter, an MSc student at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan was awarded the scholarship for her thesis “Human-carnivore interactions: Factors affecting spatial and temporal variation”.
  • 2019 – The recipient, Jacob Bradshaw, BIT, an MSc student at the University of Northern British Columbia was awarded the scholarship for his thesis “The influence of regulated forest harvesting systems on apparent competition of caribou, moose and associated predators”.
  • 2020 – The recipient, Jessica Ewald, a PhD student of Natural Resource Sciences at McGill University, was awarded the scholarship for her dissertation “Analytical approaches for using gene expression data to inform the management of environmental contaminants.” 

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

In 2013 the College of Biology seeded the LMSF with $10,000 and placed an additional $2,500 in the fund to support the first scholarship disbursement. The long-term goal of the fund is to be self-sustaining – by building the capital of the fund to generate a sufficient return for the award.

Donations may be sent to the Victoria Foundation at #109 – 645 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1G2 or may be made online at In your letter, memo line on your cheque, or the online drop down menu, please note that your contribution is for the Linda Michaluk Scholarship Fund. You may also call the Victoria Foundation office at 250-381-5532 if you wish to make a donation by credit card. Donations will be added to the LMSF and a tax receipt will be issued by the Victoria Foundation. 

It is with great pride that the College Council has created and works to build and sustain the Linda Michaluk Scholarship Fund and trusts our registrants and non-registrants will assist us in making the fund a success.


Linda Michaluk Scholarship

Application Scoring

Scholarship applications are awarded a score out of 100 points. There are three sections that your application is scored on. They are as

  1. Abstract 10 Points. A well-written thesis, dissertation or project abstract that clearly communicates the purpose of your research
    (maximum 250 words).
  2. Statement of how your with thesis, dissertation or project aligns with the purpose of the scholarship 60 Points (maximum 1000
  3. Reference Letters 30 Points (10 points per letter). One reference must be from the candidate’s major supervisor. References are

    • Show that they are knowledgeable of the applicant and their thesis/dissertation project;
    • Address how the applicant’s project meets the purpose of the scholarship; and
    • Email their letters in pdf format directly to the College’s Regulatory Officer at
First and Last name

Thesis/Dissertation/Project Information

Note: You are not required to submit transcripts however, you must provide proof of enrollment as a Master’s of PhD student/candidate at a University or Institution at the time of applying for the scholarship to be considered for the LMS.
0 of 250 max words
0 of 1000 max words


All applications must be received in full (LMS Form, Reference Letters and proof of enrollment in a graduate program in Canada) by Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Email to the College’s Regulatory Officer (

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