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2023 Dues now payable; Identification Verification required

Dues for the 2023 registration year are now payable. College Council has approved an increase of up to 10 per cent to dues for active status designations for 2023. Read the dues FAQ here.

The updated dues can be found in Schedule 2 of the College bylaws and on the dues page. Please note that prorated 2022 dues are still applicable for the remainder of the year to any individual who is registering for the first time or is reinstating a registration.

2023 annual registration dues are payable in full by 11:59pm December 31st, 2022. Starting January 1, 2023 a late fee of 10% of annual dues plus GST on late fees is applied to your unpaid dues. As of March 1, 2023 any registrant who has not paid dues, late fees and GST are listed as removed on the College’s register. Removed means that your registration has been cancelled. More information about registration, payment of fees and removal can be found in the College bylaws.

Dues for retired registrations have been set at $50 for all designations. For more information regarding the 2023 dues, please visit the 2023 dues FAQ page.

Identification Verification

Starting for the 2023 dues cycle registrants will need to verify their identity with the College. This has been approved by the College Council. Identification verification is done securely through the College portal and consists of confirming name, date of birth, and valid government-issued ID. More information on the identification verification process can be found here.

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